An Angry Trump Responds To Paul Ryan

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 by

When earlier today House speaker Paul Ryan came as close as he possibly could to washing his hands of Donald Trump saying that he “won’t defend Trump and will focus the next 28 days on keeping the House majority”, he made a new enemy.

Article by Tyler Durden

As a reminder, the country’s top Republican told House lawmakers Monday that he won’t rescind his endorsement of Trump, according to three people on a GOP conference call, but instead said he would focus on defending the Republican majority in the House, telling members, “You all need to do what’s best for you in your district,” according to a person who was on the call.

Ryan started out the Monday conference call with rank-and-file members by saying, “I cannot defend Donald Trump,” according to one Republican on the call. But Ryan also said he’s “still supporting Trump,” even if he doesn’t condone his actions, since the future of the Supreme Court and other issues are at stake in this election, the person recounted. At the same time, Ryan said he won’t be traveling with Trump or appearing with him through the remainder of the election season.

Ryan’s remarks caused some confusion for House Republicans on the conference call, according to a participant. At one point in the call, some conservatives, including Representative Dana Rohrabacher of California, asked Ryan whether he was withdrawing his endorsement of Trump?  Ryan replied “no,” according to other people on the callcited by Bloomberg.

No member took the occasion to announce they were going to rescind their backing of Trump, or call on others to do so. But Representative Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania — a leader of House centrists who hasn’t endorsed Trump — was among those who decried the damage Trump is doing to the party, said a person on the call.

Which also means that as of this moment, Trump is basically on his own, parrying attacks not only from democrats, but also republicans who courtesy of Friday’s recording, had just the excuse they needed to wash their hands from the outspoken candidate. In doing so, they left Trump truly shunned by all, and in a position that if nothing else, confirms that he is truly a candidate that is against the establishment both on the right and the left. It is still unclear how the public will respond to this unprecedented situation less than one month ahead of the elections.


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