Donald Trump articles across independent media skyrocket 500% virtually overnight: see trends tracking chart

The popularity of Donald Trump skyrocketed over 500% in just the last 24 hours across the independent media, reveals a analytics and trends analysis. is the new network of news aggregation websites with real-time headline updates gathered from across thousands of independent media websites. One of the FETCH websites is, which shows a chart depicting the total number of appearances of “Donald Trump” across the independent media each day.

That chart, as you can see below, shows Donald Trump experiencing an over 500% surge in just the last 24 hours, to over 15.7 million mentions across the alternative media.

These data are powered by the search engine, which I created and launched several weeks ago to serve as an indy media alternative to corrupt mainstream search engines that favor corporate-controlled media.

We’ve been tracking the number of appearances of the term “Donald Trump” for about two weeks. Here’s what happened in just the last 24 hours:

No other candidate received such a huge surge in editorial coverage. Rand Paul, for example, who is technically the most qualified person to defend the Constitution and protect the Bill of Rights, barely saw a blip:

Establishment plots to destroy the one candidate they can’t control

What does this all mean? It means Donald Trump is by far the most talked-about candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. A lot of that talk is negative, of course, but the American people seem to be recognizing that the negativity is mostly a deliberate plot by the establishment media to destroy a candidate they can’t control.

The mainstream media attacks Donald Trump for the same reason it attacks natural medicine, in other words: to try to destroy his reputation and prevent him from rising in popularity.

It isn’t working, however. Trump is dominating the polls — he received triple the votes of anyone else on last night’s reader poll — and although Fox News has been publishing articles all day claiming Trump is a “loser” of the debate, the real loser has turned out to be the credibility of Fox News itself, whose actions make a mockery of the idea of “fair and balanced.”

Donald Trump conspiracy theories abound

Meanwhile, there’s still a sector of the independent media that believes Trump is a “Hillary Clinton plant” who will run third party to deliberately throw the election to the Democrats. Because Trump is so unpredictable, you can’t ever rule this out. It’s possible he might decide to run third party after Jeb Bush gets the nomination that’s obviously planned for him… and in that case, Trump would serve the same role as Ross Perot, splitting the Republican vote and practically guaranteeing a Democratic win.

For this reason, even many Democrats are rooting for Trump, hoping he’ll be the ultimate spoiler of Republican chances. (And if that doesn’t work, Obama will announce unlimited illegal immigration amnesty with instant voting rights, right before the 2016 election.)

What happens from here is anybody’s guess. All the experts have been wrong about Trump so far, and there’s no reason to think that’s going to change anytime soon.

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