Trump-Clinton first debate defined by liberty, freedom and a new direction

The first highly anticipated debate against GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, is in the books. And as far as who “won,” well, that will depend on the interpretation of the audience.

Having said that, there were some statements and claims made that definitely should be examined on their face for accuracy and the ability to actually implement what candidates said.

For her part, Clinton said:

— There should be “equal pay for equal work,” a direct inference to a presumed assumption that men get paid more than women. Actually, even the very left-wing Politico reports that is a lie.

— She wants a mandatory (as in, government-mandated) “minimum wage” increases. Fact is, such mandatory increases kill jobs and opportunity.

— She advocated “debt-free” college, but studies have shown that government-guaranteed college tuition has led to an explosion of college tuition costs that, under her plan, taxpayers would be liable for.

— The “rich” should pay their “fair share” of income taxes. Fact is, the “rich” already pay nearly ALL federal income taxes. So Clinton’s play would actually rob more from “the rich” which would essentially rob from their ability to create new jobs and opportunities, which is what Trump said.

Fact is, the Democratic Party, despite what Clinton said, doesn’t have a solid record of creating jobs and opportunities. Trump’s Republican Party does.

Trump’s essential message was, ‘Let’s quite doubling down on failure. Let’s chart a new economic course that doesn’t involve big government elites and allows Americans to earn all they can without government taking everything away from them.” Clinton, by comparison, was all about allowing the federal government to take even MORE control over the U.S. economy, which Trump noted was heavily in debt.

During the debate, Natural News founder and editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, remained heavily involved, tweeting out the following observations, among others:

Hillary’s BIG LIBERAL LIE: Believing that jobs come from government. It’s like thinking that babies come from storks. 

blaming economic problems on taxes being TOO LOW… wow, while she collects millions from Wall Street banksters…

Hillary’s plan to fight ISIS is to let them overrun America. 

‪#DonaldTrump‪ is right! Repatriate money back in to the USA to rebuild manufacturing, businesses and startups. Huge jobs increase.

My God, Hillary is such a LIAR. Trump’s companies have paid BILLIONS in salaries and income taxes to the government ‪#HillaryClinton lies! 

‪#HillaryClinton‪ accuses Trump of not paying taxes, but her entire life she’s been living on taxpayer money while pocketing millions.

‪#HillaryClinton‪ cites Charlotte as a RACE issue? Cop was African-American, perp was African-American. Where is race involved? Clueless!

Unbelievable that ‪#HillaryClinton claims Trump is hiding facts from the public, while she hides emails and “donation” sources

‪#HillaryClinton‪ just constantly lying, every accusation a scripted, memorized falsehood. Nobody believes her anymore. Old dog, old tricks.

‪#DonaldTrump‪ should just say hey Hillary, how can YOU keep America safe from #cyberwar if you can’t even secure your own email server?

How many international scumbags have donated money to the ‪#ClintonFoundation ? Now Hillary dares accuse Trump of taking money from bad guys? 

How dare ‪#HillaryClinton talk about nuclear proliferation when Obama just handed Iran capability to build more nukes.

Clinton also blamed “assault weapons” for violence, but failed to describe what they are. And she also said she believes that cops need to be “retrained,” which means she thinks that cops are inherently biased.

NBC News moderator Lester Holt, who appeared to ensure that his questions favored Clinton, claimed that Trump backed the Iraq war but he DID NOT support it. CLINTON, however, DID support it.

Also, Trump blamed her for botching the Middle East, Iran bomb, and NATO not paying enough for it’s required membership, which is true – and something U.S. commanders agree upon.

Trump also backs “stop and frisk” in major U.S. cities, though a federal court has ruled it supposedly unconstitutional. However, federal courts allow the government to do pretty much anything it wants in terms of investigating “criminals.”

There were three primary themes for the debate: “Securing America,” “America’s Direction” and “Achieving Prosperity.” Most of those were not adhered to.

Pre-debate drama occurred over the weekend as both candidates tweeted out who they planned to invite. Clinton said she wanted to ask billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who has been critical of Trump, while the Republican nominee threatened to invite Bill Clinton’s former mistress, Gennifer Flowers.

Then there was the “podium” issue. Clinton’s team demanded she be provided a step stool so that her diminutive 5’4” frame would not appear physically inferior to Trump, who is 6’2”.

Also, some speculated that debate moderator Lester Holt would “fact-check” candidates in real time, during the debate or, more specifically, that Trump would be fact-checked. The Trump campaign had put out in the prior week that they didn’t think Holt’s job was to fact check at all, as CNN moderator Candy Crowley did in a 2012 debate between President Obama and then-GOP nominee Mitt Romney (she fact-checked Romney, of course, and of course, she was wrong).


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