Trump admin to support mothers who lost family to crimes by illegal aliens

There are hundreds of programs which are funded by taxpayers that provide assistance to illegal aliens, but there are none available that provide assistance to American families who have been victimized by crimes committed by illegal aliens. Angel Moms, an organization put together by the Remembrance Project’s Maria Espinoza, describes the government’s indifference to the emotional effects and financial burdens placed on families who suffered devastating losses. Angel Moms are defined as those who have lost their children and loved ones at the hands of illegal immigration.

The Trump administration will be supporting Angel Moms, helping those on the road to recovery who need to put their lives back on track. Trump was the only Presidential candidate to meet with the national program. He is also the only political figure that agreed to support the Remembrance Project’s national program, which assists families with the associated costs of burial, medical, and counseling expenses. Espinoza feels that it’s very important for people to understand that, in many instances, families are re-victimized. Some are misguided by the courts, including activist judges, and activist prosecutors. They need someone to assist and guide their families – not make matters worse. (RELATED: find more Donald Trump news at

If an illegal alien were to murder an American, they would be appointed two attorneys to help protect and defend them from pending charges. American victims are left to foot their own legal bills. There are simply no government programs in existence that assist Americans in these types of situations.

When you unexpectedly lose a loved one at the hands of violence, your life changes. Espinoza would like to see a counseling program implemented to help those families cope with their losses. Depression is a serious issue affecting those dealing with the loss of loved ones. Angel Moms will become the desperately needed and sole source of resources committed to assisting families who suffered loss at the hands of illegal aliens, in contrast to more than 300 programs in the US that illegal aliens can turn to for an array of assistance.

Families will no longer have to suffer in silence. Angel Moms will now provide the outlet for them to lean on when these types of tragedies strike. Many people have not been so fortunate in the past when coping. Succumbed by depression, there have been many instances where alcohol and suicide became the unfortunate means of grieving. We finally have a President who agrees that the government is here to assist Americans in troubled times.

Donald Trump makes way for Angel Moms at latest immigration speech

After Donald Trump completed a recent immigration speech, he stepped away from the podium to make way for the Angel Moms. Many bereaved parents and family members of victims took the stage, wearing shirts with images of the loved ones they lost. Trump stood alongside the parents as they shared their individual stories. Trump then embraced the mothers with hugs, and the fathers with handshakes. They all had to deal with their losses without the aid of a government supported program.

Laura Wilkerson, whose son Joshua was murdered by an illegal immigrant classmate said “When you lose a child, and the trauma that is involved with Josh’s case, you are just absolutely broken to the core. You don’t know if you can breathe. I mean really, it’s a start to learn to breathe all over again and learning to crawl, and then to walk. You feel like an infant. Your mind knows that you’re not, but you can’t help but have the trauma with it.” Wilkerson went on to describe her courtroom experience as traumatic.

Trump went on to express that the Angel Moms were amazing people, and that it’s time we all band together as a nation to deliver justice, safety, and security for all Americans. Trump was not seeking any endorsements, rather calling for unity among Democrats, Republicans, liberals, and conservatives to quickly fix what he concurred was a horrible problem. Trump sent a clear message on his immigration stance by presenting the Angel Moms to the nation. Illegal aliens have taken away a significant number of American lives, and Trump feels that something needs to be done about it.


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