Michael Snyder is running for Congress, and he really “gets it” on national debt, economic growth and taxes

Michael Snyder, a pro-America, liberty-minded individual, is running for Congress in Idaho. The election is less than two weeks away, and he needs our support. Imagine another Rand Paul-like individual in Washington D.C., fighting the swamp to bring back fiscal sanity to our nation. See MichaelSnyderForCongress.com for details.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Michael Snyder in my studio near Austin, Texas. We talked about the national debt, the Federal Reserve, the possibility of a stock market collapse and what Snyder calls, “the greatest debt binge in the history of the world.”

Watch the full video below, and share widely. Michael Snyder is in the running, and donations from you can help him secure a victory for the ages. (Snyder winning a congressional seat in Idaho would be a lot like Trump winning the presidency… sending shock waves through the political establishment.) Donate at this link.

P.S. Michael Snyder told me today that he will be launching his own video channel on our new video network: Brighteon.com, which launches in early July. Sign up there now for your own video channel if you haven’t already.





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